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Format and activities

Activities programmes

A wide range of activities are offered daily at all branches.

The activities programmes focus on the different age categories and development areas of young children. The activities on offer focus on a balanced development of young children and the conscious stimulation of the development areas.

Every day, activities are offered ranging from simple and brief to more extensive. These activities are prepared and implemented by the teaching staff. The branch manager supports the teaching staff and ensures there is a balanced programme. In order to achieve a balanced and development-oriented programme, the day care centres work with an activity matrix.

The Small Society activities programme regularly gives attention to working on themed activities. Themes can be set for an entire branch and for a specific period.

In offering activities, established specialist external partners are used on a regular basis (e.g. for music, sports, nature education, dance or art).

If you would like more information about the range of activities on offer at the Small Society branches, please contact your branch manager.

Preschool playgroups VVE programme

At the preschool playgroup venues, a specific activities programme focuses on preparing children for primary school (VVE: preschool and early school education).

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