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Small Society Bunschoten

Address: Molenstraat 10, 3752 CG Bunschoten
Telephone number: 033-2990958
E-mail: bunschoten@smallsociety.nl

Opening hours: 7.30-18.30 uur
(flexibele afname 7.00-7.30 uur)

Branch manager: Tamara Engelsman

“My 2½-year-old son really enjoys going to Small Society. He attends two days a week and knows exactly which friends he will see on which day. Because Small Society Bunschoten is not a huge establishment, it feels like home, which is also nice. What actually made me decide on Small Society at the time is their garden.
Alinde (Finnley’s mother), Bunschoten site

Day care centre

The first Small Society day care centre was started in 2001 in this attractive farmhouse. The nursery is particularly homely and pleasantly decorated and features a beautiful garden with many plants, fruit trees and a large playhouse. The day care centre is the only one in Bunschoten-Spakenburg which has the official HKZ childcare stamp of approval and has been known for years for its quality, its small-scale and warm feel and the daily care offered. The centre can accommodate three childcare groups: a baby group (0-2-year-olds), a vertical group (0-4-year-olds) and a preschool group (2-4-year-olds).

At Small Society, the prices include all the necessities (such as food, nappies and other care items).

GGD inspectierapport day care Bunschoten

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